Furry Friday Failure!

Oh goodness!  It seems I totally forgot to post anything for Furry Friday!  To make up for my epic fail I have a few more pictures than usual though and a short synopsis on how the cats did in my car for 40+ hours! 😉

First a couple of Squirt in the car during our very long, cross-country, drive.  I ended up doing a combination of keeping the cats in their carriers and letting them out of their carriers on harness and leash.  I didn’t have a whole lot of room in my small, 2-door car, so this worked out pretty well for us.  When I was driving they were in their carriers, but when my dad was driving and I could supervise them I let them out on harness and leash.  During one really long stretch they even used the litterbox in the moving car!  Honestly, they both did better then I could’ve hoped for.  A little crying and whining, but mostly they just slept and hung out with me when I was playing passenger. You could still tell that Pippi mostly hated the whole ride, but by the third day Squirt was riding in the front seat like a pro, looking fairly comfortable with the situation, and even looking out windows.

Once we got here and got Pippi out of the car she made herself right at home though!  Of the two of them she also gets along fairly well with Thomas.  Squirt… Well.. Not so much.  He hisses and growls at Thomas anytime Thomas gets to close, but he has plenty of spots to get away from Thomas and I never leave them together unsupervised either.  He is running away less and less though, so it is a work in progress 😉

Since I have been back in South Florida I have been sleeping on a twin bed… It is usually just Pippi and I in bed as Squirt generally chooses to sleep in his own bed on the floor.  I never realized exactly how much room one tiny little eight pound cat can take up though!  This bed is not really big enough for both of us, but I suspect I would end up sleeping on the couch before I would ever kick the cute and furry little princess out of the bed!

Pippi just can’t fathom why I would ever call her a bed-hog… It has nothing to do with the fact that she always chooses to lay across the bed this way so that I am squished up against the wall 😛

It must be rough being such a pretty, pretty princess… Requires so much beauty rest and attitude! 😉



So… The other day I mentioned that at the end of the month, Pippi, Squirt, and I are packing up and moving back to Florida.  What I didn’t mention is exactly how we are going to get there!

When I decided to move to California last year, I sold, donated, gave away, or threw away most of my belongings, including my car.  My remaining belongings fit into six boxes and three suitcases.  I shipped the boxes, checked the suitcases, and the cats and I got on non-stop flight from Fort Lauderdale to LAX.

The good news is that besides buying a car, I haven’t really acquired much since I moved to California.  If anything I have purged a bunch of stuff that, after shipping out here, I realized I never use or wear!

This time around though, selling my car isn’t really a viable option!  So what do I do?

Well… It looks like I am going to ship as much of my stuff as I can.  Then I am going to pack up what’s left of my clothes, my grooming tools, and the cats; shove them all in my little 2-door car; and drive 2,700 miles cross-country!  As far as I can tell it will take me four days of driving 10 to 12 hours a day!  This means four days confined to a small car with two unhappy felines; three nights of staying in strange hotels with them.

It is going to be a really long ride!  I so wish that I could afford to have my car shipped so the cats I and could just fly back!  When I took them on a plane to get them here they did much, much better than I expected… Hopefully the same will happen for driving us back to Florida!

P.S.  If you have any experience driving cats cross-country, please feel free to share any advice you may have!