Furry Friday


Left to Right : Pippi, Squirt, and Wylla (the new addition in the 5 years I have been missing in action around here)

I know that technically the picture would be better if Squirt was not blurry, but I kind of love it this way anyways! 🙂

Feel free to check out more of my pictures on Instagram to see what else I have up to while I have been missing in action from the blog. 😉


Furry Friday Failure!

Oh goodness!  It seems I totally forgot to post anything for Furry Friday!  To make up for my epic fail I have a few more pictures than usual though and a short synopsis on how the cats did in my car for 40+ hours! 😉

First a couple of Squirt in the car during our very long, cross-country, drive.  I ended up doing a combination of keeping the cats in their carriers and letting them out of their carriers on harness and leash.  I didn’t have a whole lot of room in my small, 2-door car, so this worked out pretty well for us.  When I was driving they were in their carriers, but when my dad was driving and I could supervise them I let them out on harness and leash.  During one really long stretch they even used the litterbox in the moving car!  Honestly, they both did better then I could’ve hoped for.  A little crying and whining, but mostly they just slept and hung out with me when I was playing passenger. You could still tell that Pippi mostly hated the whole ride, but by the third day Squirt was riding in the front seat like a pro, looking fairly comfortable with the situation, and even looking out windows.

Once we got here and got Pippi out of the car she made herself right at home though!  Of the two of them she also gets along fairly well with Thomas.  Squirt… Well.. Not so much.  He hisses and growls at Thomas anytime Thomas gets to close, but he has plenty of spots to get away from Thomas and I never leave them together unsupervised either.  He is running away less and less though, so it is a work in progress 😉

Since I have been back in South Florida I have been sleeping on a twin bed… It is usually just Pippi and I in bed as Squirt generally chooses to sleep in his own bed on the floor.  I never realized exactly how much room one tiny little eight pound cat can take up though!  This bed is not really big enough for both of us, but I suspect I would end up sleeping on the couch before I would ever kick the cute and furry little princess out of the bed!

Pippi just can’t fathom why I would ever call her a bed-hog… It has nothing to do with the fact that she always chooses to lay across the bed this way so that I am squished up against the wall 😛

It must be rough being such a pretty, pretty princess… Requires so much beauty rest and attitude! 😉

Eight Years of Gray

“People that don’t like cats haven’t met the right one yet.”

~ Deborah A. Edwards

Eight years ago I met “the one” when Chris and I went looking from a friend for Ash, after we moved into our first apartment together.  We went to Petsmart to look at St. Francis Society’s adoptable cats and agreed that we wanted a cat that wasn’t gray since we already had a gray cat, Ash.  As luck would have it though, within moments of walking into the adoption center we knew we wanted the cute gray cat who was belly up and purring away in his cage.  According to card on his cage his foster family had named him “Squirt” because he was a feisty little squirt when he was captured with his feral mom during a spay day event.

Needless to say, we brought him home the next day.  Here is the first picture I have of him:

You can tell he was a still a bit freaked out about his new home there.  He settled in quickly though!

After he was settled in I did try to find a name that was a bit more dignified than Squirt.  In fact, I had settled on the name Salem, but it just wouldn’t stick.  Squirt just suited him. 😛

Over the years, a few of Squirt personality traits have become very apparent (and endearing!).  He is shy at first, but very curious.  He is a scientist at heart and loves to experiment with gravity.  Despite seeming to be the most nervous of the cats, he is actually the most easy going when it comes to change.  He is generally well behaved and very polite and he has a strong paternal streak to his personality… He keeps an eye on everyone and acts as the father figure to the young’uns, even if he can’t boss them around like he did when they were little. (Photographic evidence here and here 😉 )

Here is a cute story so that you can get a sense of Squirt’s personality:  One day, not too long after Titus decided to adopt us as his loyal subjects, I decided to give him his first bath.  I filled the tub, grabbed Ty, and shut him in the bathroom with me to keep things contained.  As soon as I lowered Titus into the bath he started screaming protesting.  I wasn’t too surprised that Titus was upset about his bath.  What did surprise me though was the indignant meowing coming from outside the bathroom door.  I swear that Squirt was trying to tell me to be nice to his new buddy and to let him in so he could make sure Titus was okay.

He doesn’t just keep an eye on the other cats either.. He also keeps an eye on Chris and I as well.  Here is a picture of him supervising my online activities from his perch on my leg:

Even after all these years, I still think Squirt is the cutest cat ever.  He also has such pretty green eyes!

I really can’t imagine life with out my Squirt watching over me. 😀

Happy Gotcha Day Squirt!

Furry Friday: What’s in a Name?

Today I have a few Halloween out-takes to share with you. 😉  I know Halloween is long gone, but these pictures crack me up!

Also, the other day felinepaws4thought asked me how my kids got their name.  First up, Ash…

Ash came by his name partly because he is gray, partly because Chris’ favorite band at the time was From Autumn to Ashes, and partly because I was desperate to give him a name so Chris and his former roommates would stop calling him “Money!”  Honestly though he rarely gets called Ash.  His name minds as well be Boodie, especially since that is what he responds too.

Squirt on the other hand actually came with his name… His foster mom came up with it and it just kind of stuck.  I tried to think of something more dignified, and he almost became “Salem,” but Squirt suited him better.  Once again though, if his name was actually what I called him most, his name would be Weinie.  (I know.. Instead of finding him a more dignified name I gave him a more ridiculous nickname.)

Unlike his older brothers, I am pretty sure Emperor Titus McGee somehow managed to pick his own name.  After taking one look at him I just knew he was either going to be Titus or Tyson.  I deliberated for all of 30 seconds and decided that Titus just seemed right.  It didn’t take much longer for me to decide that he needed a middle name.  For one I have this weird thing for names or nicknames having to end in an “E” sound.  Also, he is a bit of a naughty boy and it sounds more like I mean business when I am shouting “Titus McGee!” 😉  (McGee came about because I started calling him “Guerrilla” for his warfare tactics. That turned into “Magila Gorilla” which turned into McGee.)  I know that I have mentioned it before, but the name Titus really does suit him.  I am truly convinced that he thinks he is an emperor!

Last but not least is my prettiest princess, Pippi Marie.  Like Squirt she had a foster family before her and I met, but unlike Squirt the name they gave her didn’t suit her at all.. It was Yolandi.  Similar to how Titus got his name, Pippi’s name just kind of popped right into my head, and with her it happened before I even knew she was going to be mine.  I was at home, walking up the stairs in fact, thinking about the cute little cat I met at work and what a pip squeak she was compared to my boys and I instantly knew her name was Pippi.  (I did also consider Ziggy because of the white zig zag she has on her back leg, but Ziggy just didn’t sound right compared to Pippi.)  Her crazy antics earned her a middle name as well and I just really liked the way Marie went with Pippi.  (The name Marie has good vibes for me… Everyone I have known with the name Marie is awesome!)

So, for anyone keeping score, you can probably see that I tend to call all my fur kids names that rhyme (since they all end in an “E” sound)… Boodie, Weinie, Titus McGee, Pippi Marie (cats), Ani (“Annie”), Ali, Kati (“Katy”), Mali, Luci, Migi, Mimi, Aggi, Inki, and Curli (rats.. not all at the same time 😉 )