Thankful Thursday: 10 Ways To Be Happy

10 Scientific Ways To Be Happy

About a month or so ago I came across this meme. Perhaps it is because it appealed to my analytical side or perhaps it was just the right moment in time, but for whatever reason it really struck a chord! As I read through these ten scientifically proven things to do to increase happiness it also occurred to me that they are all very doable for just about all of us!

I am grateful that the Universe put this meme in my path at just the right time!  It really got me thinking about how I can do all these things to be happier. It was the little push that I needed to motivate myself to start taking steps to really grow; to know myself and take responsibility for my own happiness.

In the weeks since I first stumbled across this meme I have taken a number of baby steps in the right direction! I started simply by downloading a gratitude diary app on my phone but it has already turned in to so much more!

I am really excited about what is happening!  I suppose you might call it a journey of personal growth or something like that that 😉  I hope you don’t mind if I share more about it with you in the coming weeks! 😀

If you are anything like me and you want to know more about the science of the 10 scientifically proven ways to be happy, posted a cool article back in 2013 that breaks them down for you.  Check it out here!


Thankful Thursday

Yesterday was Titus’ Gotcha Day.  Today I am thankful for the countless laughs and smiles that he has brought into my life.  He may be an Emperor, but sometimes he is also a bit of a clown.  Here are some videos so that you can see what I am talking about:

This one is from when he was a baby.  Even my rats thought he was crazy 😉

(Or view at

The next one shows that he didn’t change much in the following couple of years.  If you turn up the volume you can even hear him growling at his toy! 🙂

(Or view at

Thankful Thursday

Today (and everyday) I am thankful that Tommy is continuing to improve.  As of last night he is still in the hospital, but he is needing less and less oxygen every day.  He is a week old today.  Hopefully they will have him weaned off of the oxygen soon so I can go visit and hold him and love on him. 😉

I just can’t get enough of my little nephew!  Here he is with his Aunt Erin (who I “stole” these pics from).

P.S. I think I might try to make “Thankful Thursday” a weekly thing.  Always good to stay positive! 😉