This would be one of a few reasons why I didn’t put a tree up this year 😉

I hope that everyone’s Christmas trees fare better than mine!

Happy Holidays!


Bonus Material: Halloween Close-Ups

Here are a few more shots of the rattie girls in their Halloween duds (and the answers to the who wore which costume challenge from Fruit of My Loom.)

Ms. Mali, with her adorable dumbo ears, was the devil.

Ali, the one-eyed siamese, was the angel.

Spunky, ruby eyed Kati was the prisoner.

And last, but not least, agouti Ani was the clown. (The hat was attached to the body of the costume, but she hated it, so I ended up removing it shortly after taking this picture.)

The fun part about these costumes is that they matched the girls personalities pretty well too! 😀

Bonus Material: Tommy Update

Tommy is off of IV fluids and no longer under the special heating lamp.  He is still receiving supplemental oxygen, but doing great!  Mom is supposed to be released today, and Tommy will follow once they wean him off of the supplemental oxygen and observe him for 24 to 48 hours to make sure he is really okay without it.

Also, he has started wearing clothes!  My sister just sent me these…

Of course it goes without saying that he is Aunt Rori is way cooler than either of his uncles, but his uncles do still rock, so I won’t argue the point too much. 😉