Trick or Treat!

The ghosts and ghouls who haunt my home…

The Halloween costumes at work were 75% off before my discount.. I just couldn’t resist! These ghostly shots in particular seemed appropriate for Halloween, and they made my day 😉


Homemade Halloween

I am not the only one in my family who has been known to sew Halloween costumes.  For many years my mom made the five of us kids some of the neatest Halloween costumes I have ever seen. 😀

Approximately 20 years later, my brother still has this costume in his closet.  I can’t wait to see his kids in it!

I absolutely loved this costume.  I loved the jingling of the bells and coins as I moved 😉

My mom made the green ranger, vampire, and pink ranger costumes.  The vampire was also supposed to be a Power Ranger, but changed his mind at the last minute, after the costume had already been made!

There is just something about a homemade costume that can’t be beat!

Fast Forward to 2007

Sadly, by the time Halloween 2007 rolled around Ani, Ali, Kati, and Mali were no longer with us.  I had two more rattie girls though, named Luci and Migi.  Migi was not having any of this costume wearing business, but Luci was much more cooperative; she was a piRATe for Halloween 😉

She also had a little sword that slipped under her sash, but that got made after these pictures were taken.
That year I also made a ballerina costume for another rodent friend, a squirrel named Emi that a friend of mine raised.  (The costume was on her for a very limited time.  Ultimately Emi was rehabilitated and released.)


Bonus Material: Halloween Close-Ups

Here are a few more shots of the rattie girls in their Halloween duds (and the answers to the who wore which costume challenge from Fruit of My Loom.)

Ms. Mali, with her adorable dumbo ears, was the devil.

Ali, the one-eyed siamese, was the angel.

Spunky, ruby eyed Kati was the prisoner.

And last, but not least, agouti Ani was the clown. (The hat was attached to the body of the costume, but she hated it, so I ended up removing it shortly after taking this picture.)

The fun part about these costumes is that they matched the girls personalities pretty well too! 😀

The Fear Factor Connection

Approximately ten years ago the show Fear Factor debuted on NBC.  It was a crazy reality show where contestants did some insane (and some really disgusting) stunts to try to win $50,000.  I wasn’t a big fan of the show because most of the food challenges grossed me out, but I can remember getting excited when I saw one challenge that I knew I could complete; one that I would probably volunteer for even if the prize was substantially less than $50,000.  Looking at the pictures of the costumes I made for Ani, Ali, Kati, and Mali got me thinking about that particular challenge again and I found a clip on YouTube. (I am sure to some of you this seems like a really weird connection but you’ll understand in a minute or two 😉 )

( Or watch at )

What makes me think I could handle that challenge? Well… Honestly, I just can’t imagine myself being that scared of laying in a box full of these guys gals:

Although I will admit that I would probably spend the whole challenge giggling and shrieking.. I am very ticklish and all those whiskers would likely end up in some sensitive spots!

Fruit of My Loom

As you likely know by now, I am currently owned by four feisty felines.  Of course it wasn’t always that way though.  Back in 2006, we shared our lives with Ash and Squirt but Titus and Pippi weren’t even a sparkle in their mamas’ eyes.  Before Titus and Pippi came into they picture I had another group of furkids… Ani, Ali, Kati, and Mali.  These girls were much more cooperative than their feline brothers when it came to letting me use them as a creative outlet too!  Here are the fruits of my creative labor for Halloween 2006:

(I didn’t actually weave the fabric on a loom, but I did design and sew these costumes!)

One girl ended up being a devil…So it shouldn’t surprise you that another girl was an angel…

I also had a prisoner…

And a clown 😉
Can you guess which girl wore which costume? 😉
To be continued…

Meaningful Monday

“Clothes make a statement.  Costumes tell a story.”

~ Mason Cooley

Halloween is fast approaching and I have a bunch of stuff that I am excited to share with y’all this week.  (It is old material, but new to the blog 😉 )  In fact, there will be a Halloween related post every day this week!  Here is a hint about tomorrow’s post… Recently I have dressed my cats in baby clothes, but in years passed I have been known to make Halloween costumes for some of my pets! 🙂